Little White Sneakers

Little White Sneakers

The sheer volume and variety of clothes and accessories required by the kiddos is pretty daunting—often it feels like we’re at a store every week filling in the gaps of what they need next, from a pair of shorts to mid-season shoes because they’ve grown another size. That type of turnover is draining on our wallets, and the landfill, as textile waste continues to build.

That’s why we were super excited when Little White Sneakers opened a bricks and mortar shop in addition to their online site. The Mount Pleasant shop offers resale on high-quality brands (some items never or barely worn) as well as a carefully curated collection of new, sustainably made clothing. The high quality nature of the items on offer means they’ll typically last for as long as the kid actually fits into said item, with sizes from newborn to 14. Shoes (oh, those money drainers) are available in newborn to big kid size 4. There are MEC and North Face winter coats, which stand up to Canadian winters, and other items from designers such as Stella McCartney, Burberry, Bobo Choses and Mini Rodini for some fun fashion flair.

Resale is also great for special occasion outfits that rarely get worn more than once (like weddings), but that can cost big dollars. And we swooned over the story of one customer shopping for a camp wardrobe for her daughter and walking away with a sundress, three pairs of shorts and two tank tops for $74 (original cost $260+).

Little White Sneakers

The new items in the shop are locally designed and ethically produced from organic cotton, bamboo or hemp. You’ll find leggings, onesies, and pajamas—items that don’t make their way to the shop via the previously-loved route—which makes Little White Sneakers a one-stop shopping destination. Music to our ears.

In our excitement over filling the gaps in the kids’ wardrobes we almost forgot that Little White Sneakers also helps us shed the clothes that no longer fit, while earning store credit. Selling takes place via appointment.

Little White Sneakers: good for the wallet, good for the earth, and definitely good for our hectic schedules.



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