The Best of the Best is Where You Should Buy Essential Baby Gear

SavvyMom January 19, 2017

So small, so precious, so basic. So why is it that the list of things we need for our newborn is so long?

Marketers can overwhelm us with all the must-have’s for new mothers, but thankfully, the experienced minds behind one of the city’s best maternity stores, Moms To Be…and More, are simplifying our needs with the opening of a second location in Midtown Toronto.

They call it the ‘Best of the Best‘ and we couldn’t agree more.

Opening today, Best of the Best exists to assist the overwhelmed, the uber-busy, the practical parent, with a store that offers just the important essentials. Smaller in size than their flagship, Best of the Best carries a well curated list of favourite products the experts at Mom’s To Be….and More know new parents can’t (and shouldn’t) live without, from car seats to high chairs to breast pumps to cribs and so much more.

Don’t fret, the popular Bayview location is still there and it’s still filled with all those fun extras, basics and more.

Think of the new spot on Research Road as having a personal shopper who hand selected every item in the store for a complete, yet streamlined shopping experience for you, your baby and your entire family.

If you’re looking for more baby gear stores, we’ve got the low-down on the 11 Best Baby Gear Stores in Toronto.

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