Low(er) Sodium Soups

SavvyMom April 12, 2016

Soup is one of those foods that everyone loves and we feel good about serving, especially during the cold winter months. We can load it up with veggies or any of our favourite foods and serve it up to all ages. But not all soups are created equal (in nutritional value, that is), and even the ones with lots of hidden veggies can be loaded with salt. We’ve told you all about the dangers of salt already…we do need to be aware of how much salt is in one of our favourite and more convenient ingredients, chicken stock.
To be smart about the homemade soups you are serving, it’s best to buy organic and low-sodium chicken stock. Check your labels. Trying substituting salt-free options for things liked canned tomatoes. Big difference in sodium content, little difference in flavour.

Then go to EatSavvy and see what yummy and delicious recipes we found for you this month. It’s Heart Month, after all. So take care of it with some low-sodium options for the whole family.

What kind of soup does your family like?

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