Minnow’s Five Things


Movember, real superheroes, funny parenting videos, holiday advertising and chocolate—that’s what caught my attention this week.
1. I’m not going to pretend I like all the facial hair that comes with Movember, but I do applaud the participants and the success of the campaign. The truth is, moustaches are clearly the new pink. Look around, not only are humans sporting them, but the new symbol for the ‘stash’ is everywhere—on mugs, napkins, t-shirts and even jewelry. Indeed, moustaches are a party theme, popping up in photo booths everywhere. That’s what inspired our Food Editor Jan Scott to create this amazing moustache cake. She promised me it’s easy to make, so I thought it was a good share. Go Movember.

2. No matter how popular the ‘stash gets, it will never be bigger than Batman. Here’s a heart-warming story about how Make-a-Wish Foundation helped transform San Francisco into Gotham City for a 5-year-old boy who just completed treatment for leukemia. This real-life superhero rode in the Batmobile, saved civilians from disasters, (a robbery, a damsel in distress), received a key to the city and more. More than 11,000 volunteers participated in the city-wide charade for this cancer survivor. This is an amazing story that helps restore your faith in humanity.


3. In lighter news, here is a video that all parents will love. Enjoy—I think it’s the funniest video I have seen on parenting, ever.

4. Another video I thought was worth sharing is this ad for John Lewis, a UK-based retailer. There are few ads that tell a story, can move you to tears and entertain you. This is one of them. It’s also completely unapologetic about their marketing message. This is good advertising.
5. Finally, I tested out a new PC product recently that surprised and delighted my taste buds. The new PC Sea Salt & Toffee Chocolate Squares are just a tiny bit addictive. Consider yourself warned.

PC Sea Salt & Toffee Chocolate Squares

Have a good week.



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