First Stop for a Holiday Home: Tinseltown Christmas Emporium

SavvyMom November 4, 2016

Looking to create a bit of holiday magic this year? No better place to start than Tinseltown Christmas Emporium, Ottawa’s only year-round yuletide store.

Give yourself plenty of time to explore this packed shop’s nooks and crannies—and leave the kids (and coats) at home, as the narrow aisles aren’t stroller or baby carrier friendly. Arranging a special visit is worth it for the sheer wonder and dazzling beauty of their stock—unique, nostalgic and vintage decorations fill each corner. Enchanting tree ornaments for every personality in your home, including slices of pizza, fire trucks, unicorns, dinosaurs, tiny BBQs, and of course, the classic Christmas pickle. Every colour, theme and interest has a matching decoration—a great idea for stocking stuffers or hard-to-please relatives.

Add further charm to your tree with exclusive ‘bubble lights’ that murmur and sparkle, strings of artificial popcorn and cranberries, or gingerbread men that bring an old-fashioned touch without the mess. Worried about kids sneaking snacks from the tree? Replace classic candy canes with soft, pretty chenille versions that will last through the years.

Got a kid who loves The Polar Express? Big silver jingle bells on red ribbons are in stock, sure to bring wide-eyed wonder to your child on Christmas morning.

Tinseltown’s pure, old world Christmas charm is like an oasis of peace in the busy holiday season.

The holidays don’t have to mean headaches. Check out all of our Holiday Helpers in Ottawa.



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