Get Ready to Flip Out


We don’t usually bend over backwards to introduce our daughters to new retail experiences since, sartorially speaking, we are occasionally at odds. We like her in sporty and practical clothing. She likes stylish and unique. But Triple Flip’s new Toronto store has us both jumping for joy.

The Canadian-based retailer just opened a bright, eye-popping store near Yonge and Eglinton, with online shopping available to customers across Canada. For kids who are active in all sorts of athletic pursuits and/or who just like modern, cool, comfortable clothing that stands out from the crowd in all the right ways, a trip to Flip might be in order.

The store is chock full of finds, from great accessories to footwear (Uggs and Tom’s and more), and we’ll even admit to buying a pair of cute yoga-style pants for ourselves—you’ll understand once you see what’s in stock. Sizes start for kids aged 6 and up, and occasionally run big enough to fit the person paying the bill (that’s you).

Fun change rooms, bold accessories (including cozy mittens, hats and scarves) and helpful staff mean that you can have as much fun shopping for her as she did.

Now if only someone could make getting groceries with kids this enjoyable.

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