Make Your Savvy Voice Heard!


It seems we can’t even go to the bathroom these days without being marketed to. With ads on garbage bins, shopping cart handles and the backs of public washroom doors, advertising is everywhere.
That’s because marketers know how often moms shop and they know how much you care about what you buy. As part of the coveted ‘mom market’ that makes up to 80 per cent of all household purchases, everyone wants to influence you.

But what about influencing them? Don’t you think it’s time you had your voice heard? We know that moms have valuable experience and opinions and we want yours to count.

That’s why we are asking you to join us in our SavvyMom Research Community. It’s an opportunity for you to speak up and influence Canada’s top brands and marketing decision makers. To ensure that your voice is well represented, we’ve partnered with AskingCanadians, top Canadian research experts.

Of course, all memberships have their privileges and we don’t want you to think for a second that we’re taking you for granted. In exchange for your valuable insights, we’ll offer you the chance to win $1,200 in groceries for signing up. Then, each time you participate in a survey you will be rewarded with your choice of Hbc points, Aeroplan Air Miles or entries into draws to win great prizes.

Signing up is quick and easy. It should take about five minutes out of your day to join now.

There are prizes to win and points to collect, but the real prize will be going into that restaurant washroom and looking at an ad that actually speaks to you one day.

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