March Breakdown


It’s a well known truism that March Break isn’t a break for everyone. Namely parents.
But if you have a few fun activities in your back pocket, you might be able to turn March Breakdown into March-Break-a-Rama.

Here is a little list of things we’re looking forward to doing with our families, whatever the weather.

A ‘Sticky’ Craft Situation
Get the kids busy making their very own custom stickers. Stock up on different sizes of plain white labels (the office kind) and let the kids decorate them with markers, glitter (or whatever the current favourite is) while they are still on the sheet. They can even be cut into different shapes. Once the design is done, have more fun decorating paper, cards, gifts or yourself with your hand-designed stickers.

Good Clean Indoor Fun
You remember the old egg and spoon race. Definitely not an indoor game, right? Well, for about $12, you can bring that game back and play it inside safely and with no mess. We found a fun substitution for the real thing with plastic eggs and spoons that kids (and moms) love. Get the kids racing down the hall or around the basement—mix it up and have them hop on one foot or walk backwards. Check it out at Mastermind Toys and other toy stores in your neighbourhood.


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