We Believe in Sick Kids


Moms and kids, they go together like PB& J. There is just no denying it. And when those kids get sick, we know that moms get tough but they are jelly inside, for sure.
At SavvyMom, we believe in kids first and foremost and we want them to be healthy.

That’s why we are proud to have chosen SickKids Foundation as our charitable partner.

Here are the top five reasons why we did (and some things you might not know):

  1. We share SickKids Foundation’s vision that healthier children lead to a better world. Breakthrough research conducted at The Hospital for Sick Children has long led advancements in child health. For example, in 2004, a team of researchers at SickKids discovered that a newborn in need of a heart transplant could receive a donor heart of any blood type, significantly increasing the number of possible transplants.
  2. SickKids is a world leader in pediatric health care and research – consistently ranked as one of the top four in the world. We want to make sure SickKids remains a world leader, and something all Canadians can be proud of.
  3. SickKids helps children from all over Canada, not just Toronto. Last month alone, 52 patients from provinces other than Ontario were treated at SickKids. As well, 26 patients from countries other than Canada were brought to SickKids because there is nowhere else in the world that can provide the treatment that they needed.
  4. Pediatric health care is more expensive than adult health care, and with over 100,000 patients a year, the costs add up. As an example, when it comes to basic equipment, for every two blood pressure cuffs an adult hospital has, SickKids requires four. (From the tiniest newborn to the teenage patient, sick kids come in all different sizes.)
  5. We like to help and we believe in SickKids. The Foundation raises money to ensure that what we know and learn about child health continues to be put into practice. It is critical that SickKids bring its discoveries out from the laboratories and into doctor’s offices, homes and the broader community.

SavvyMom Media is committed to helping send that message across Canada.

We’ll be bringing you information on different ways you can help every month, so please keep reading.

Thank you for helping us support SickKids Foundation.

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