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These Matchy Spider-Man Shoes for Fathers and Sons are Marvel-lous!


Like many women, buying shoes always makes me happy. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen the men in my life so over-the-moon and utterly thrilled over a pair of shoes ever… until now.

Marvel has teamed up with New Balance to create a special edition of Spider-Man sneakers, for both the little ones in your life and the man in your life. My son has not taken his Spider-Man-themed shoes off since the moment he opened the shoe box, and he couldn’t wait for his Daddy to get home so he too could put on his adult pair of Spider-Man sneakers. His father absolutely loved his Spider-Man shoes and was as excited as my five-year-old.

Both the Spider-Man kid’s shoes and the Spider-Man adult men’s shoes are, without a doubt, super cool. (Trust me, I know shoes!) The special edition shoes for kids come in black with white spider webs; or you can get them in red and bolt blue. They come in both lace up and slip-on variety, so if your kid hasn’t quite mastered tying their shoelaces, they can still get their spidey sense tingling.

Rebecca’s son Holt modelling the shoes with his dad

Plus, they’re incredibly light—making it easy to jump from building to building a la Spider-Man (or, y’know, kick a ball around in the backyard). The men’s are black with black webs, which any guy could wear with a suit and blazer or casually with a pair of jeans or shorts—that’s how fabulous they look. Bonus? Fathers and sons, like mothers and daughters, do, indeed, like to dress matchy-matchy.

‘I loved the fact that I have somewhat matching shoes,’ says my partner of our son. ‘Holt was so happy to have matching Spider-Man shoes with me. The shoes are pretty cool and I’m into fashion, and I know I can and will wear them anywhere.’

These shoes are definitely made for walking… into the theatres for the movie ‘Spider-Man Homecoming,’ which hits theatres this week. Want to feel like a superhero? Buy these and you’ll definitely be a hero… at least in the eyes of your kids. Retail Price ranges from $89.99 to $149.99. Visit newbalance.ca for more details.

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