Mexican-Inspired Meals for the Whole Family

Mexican-Inspired Meals for the Whole Family newsletter

Some like it hot, and some definitely do not. Regardless of how much heat they can handle, pretty much every kid we know is a fan of tacos and tortillas. Lucky for us, Mexican-inspired meals are a cinch to prepare at home and the ingredients are often inexpensive and adaptable, making them perfect for families. So this month we’re paying homage to the Mexican recipes we like the most. Whether you’re planning a weekend fiesta for a crowd or a simple weeknight dinner for four, these 18 ideas are guaranteed to get your kids excited about what’s on the table.

If you love to eat food from any corner of the globe, it’s helpful to keep your pantry well stocked with the supplies you need to mimic the international flavours you’re craving. This means you’re more likely to cook a favourite food, rather than order take-out, which is great for both your wallet and your waistline. Once you fully stock your cabinets using our handy pantry list, a whole new world of possibilities awaits you in the kitchen.


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