20 Ways to Say ‘I Love You, Mom’

20 Lovely Gifts for Mom

Why do moms need a Mother’s Day gift guide? Well, as the ultimate multitaskers, Mother’s Day is not just about us. We’ve got our own moms to celebrate, and it’s our duty to help make our mother-in-law’s day great too. To give your own family some inspiration on what to get you, we suggest forwarding this to Superdad himself. Or better yet, send it to that BFF he consults before making gift purchases.

In the Bag
We love TOMS shoes—and now that they’ve launched a new line of bags, we’re even more smitten. With every bag purchased, TOMS will help provide a safe birth for a mother and baby in need. How perfect for Mother’s Day.
If these cases look like works of art, that’s because they are. They start out as original paintings before being digitally screened onto an iPad or smartphone cover. One of a kind and totally gorgeous—just like mom.

We’ve got a fresh batch of gift ideas for you, your mom, your MIL, or any other mother in your life. Let’s celebrate moms and all that they do!

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