17 Things We Love About Being a Mom

The joy of being a mom can be articulated in so many different ways but it all comes down to appreciating the little things. The smiles, the hugs and the freshly picked bouquet of dandelions. Enjoy this collection of thoughts from our Savvy Storytellers and the moms from Savvy HQ, who share what they love the most about being a mom.

Instead of telling you what gifts you want for yourself this year, we thought we would remind you of the gifts you already have.
This Mother’s Day, as you open up those homemade cards and eat burnt toast in bed, take a moment to think about all the little things—the smiles, the hugs and the freshly picked bouquet of dandelions.

Here’s a collection of musings from our bloggers and staff at Savvy HQ on the Things We Love About Being a Mom.

We Love: The Workouts
Technically, we’re a member of an actual gym—but who needs it? All we do all day is Work. It. Out. Over who had it last, who gets it next, who ate the last piece, who went first, who called who what, and when, who said it first, who left it on, who turned it off, who called it, who wrote on it, who yelled it, who slammed it, who stained it, who lost it, who found it, who took it, who forgot it. Who knew we’d spend so much time working it all out, without ever having to lift a weight. Thanks, kids! (From the moms at Savvy HQ)

We Love: The Eyes
One of the things I love most about motherhood is living through my children’s eyes. They hold everything so near and dear to them and find joy in the smallest, simplest of activities. Their reactions are priceless. As adults, somewhere in our lives, we lose the willingness to believe in magic and the impossible, whereas our children still do. And through them, we get to feel that excitement once again. (From Rebecca at bitofmomsense.com)
We Love: The Awesome Accessories
Staying on trend is totally possible as a parent. LBK (Life Before Kids) meant splurges on clothing and travel but luxury items now have a real purpose. Thousand dollar strollers, high-tech baby bouncers, even breast pumps suddenly have status. You’ll know you’ve been sucked in the day you start rapturously describing your new diaper pail. Scoff all you want. It’ll happen to you too. (From the moms at Savvy HQ)

We Love: The Motherlode of Love
I encourage my daughter to stay in her own bed, telling her I can’t sleep as well when she is wedged in between myself and my husband. She thinks this is due to the cramped quarters, but actually it is not. I can’t sleep because I can’t help staring at her face, perfectly lost in dreamland. I can’t sleep because I can’t believe my luck and fortune that this little face beside me, this beautiful person is my daughter. She is seven years old, but the wonder of her is new to me every day. (From Deanna at motherstonic.com)

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Happy Mother’s Day to all of you, from all of us.



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