Minnow’s Five Things


It’s been a wild week. Even with all the celebrations around our nation’s birthday, there is a lot to report. Here’s what was on my radar.
1. The most compelling subject line from a press release I have received—ever (keep in mind that I am a parenting editor so the stuff doesn’t usually get that racy)—was this: ‘Sunscreen Can Stunt Penis Growth in Boys—Yes, It’s True According to Dr. Martha Howard.’ I haven’t done the research to enquire if there is any basis for this claim, but I did want to share the fact that this is the latest in our world of everything-is-bad-for-your-kids these days.

Magic Mike

2. Another headline that caught my eye was this one: ‘Married Women Applaud Magic Mike & 50 Shades Movement.’ So there is a movement now? And why just married women? Apparently only married women aren’t having sex. Everyone else is. The press release goes on to say that married women are entering into a new age of renewed sexual revolution after the recent success of 50 Shades Of Grey, which opened up deep fantasies for women. Now the premiere of the movie Magic Mike is prompting middle-aged women to celebrate their ability to enjoy sexual and erotic media openly, the way men have been doing for centuries. That’s what the press release said. Not me. Just to be clear.

3. There is even more in the world of bad sportsman-like behaviour. If you haven’t already seen this video—just watch. A real life coach tripped a player on the opposing team at the final handshake on the ice. The handshake is the part of the game that reinforces respect, honour and good sportsmanship. The coach will be charged with assault (as he should), but I wish there was a charge we could impose on people who are consistently assaulting the principles of sport.

The Future is Ours from Michael Marantz on Vimeo.

4. In more positive news, someone sent me this video which I thought was a good reminder to maintain a positive attitude about innovation. The pace of change is fast these days and it’s tough to keep up. Sometimes we get cynical. This might help curb that.

Boyfriend Pillow

5. Here’s a gift idea that is just the worst. I’ve seen these in a smaller version being used for babies in the NICU. But this version of the boyfriend pillow is just bad.



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