Minnow’s Five Things


This week I am obsessed with all things old school. Specifically, I mean the popularity of, recurring presence of and constant reference to all things ‘old school.’ It’s so over used that it’s almost (as my kids would say) ‘over,’ but we keep hearing the phrase (as in ‘kickin’ it old school’). Here are five examples of old school being new again that I noticed this week.
1. I had a revelation a few days ago when I parked my car and saw—to my astonishment—a notice board installed where a parking meter usually goes. An actual community message board—where people posted paper notices for others to read. And the notices included phone numbers—possibly land lines. I realized that the most shocking part of the experience was how shocked I was to see this. I am so conditioned to posting notices on Facebook, leaving text and BBM messages or broadcasting tweets to my peeps that it would never occur to me to post a simple message on a notice board in my neighbourhood. On paper. I loved it. I felt 16 again, when we used to leave messages for our friends on bulletin boards if we couldn’t find them. We would find a written phone message if someone called but you couldn’t answer because the phone was stuck to the wall and you were out doing something else, like talking to other people—to their face (in real life). Now that’s old school, I thought.


2. So I started thinking about old school and where else it was popping up in today’s world. I realize that, in many ways, things are the same but different. Take Pinterest, for example. It’s new and hot and digital, and many people still don’t get it. But it’s actually a bit old school since it’s really just one big bulletin board on the net. We used to put posters up of our favourite teen idols on walls or locker doors, now we just pin them to our Pinterest board.

3. Let’s talk sports. Remember the Argos? They’re in the Grey Cup for the first time in 30 years. Remember the Grey Cup? It’s 100 years old this year. That’s old school. People are watching football again (and not hockey). That’s old school. GO ARGOS!

4. How about the recent fundraising event in support of Covenant House where a group of CEOs slept out overnight on the street? They gathered downtown raised a huge amount of money and awareness for homeless youth by doing so. What’s old school about that? They slept outside—that’s old school—and they didn’t just write a cheque. Their actions, not just their money, made a difference.


5. With the holiday season firmly upon us, it’s hard not to mention the return of some old school toys. What’s hot this year is the Furby. It’s been revamped and rewired to be a child’s best little furry friend who can laugh, giggle, squeal and even dance. I predict that it will be one of the hottest toys of the season this year.

Still, it begs the question, why not just go for the real deal and get a puppy? You might find there are some for sale in your neighbourhood. Just check your local community boards.


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