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The holiday season officially started for me last Thursday when I went to my first Christmas party at AOL Canada/Huffington Post (known for throwing the best parties in the industry). But before I get into full throttle holiday mode, there was more in the news that caught my attention this week: football, mayorality disgrace, stolen toys and Justin Bieber’s wardrobe malfunctions. All train wrecks.
1. I read in The Globe and Mail that a child has been named Hashtag. On Sunday, November 25, a Facebook post (ironic, yes) announced the arrival of baby Hashtag. It’s not confirmed yet if this is a publicity stunt or if this is a new trend in names. I am going with the trend-in-names theory, as there is a family in Israel who named their baby Like a few months ago. At least Hashtag can be shortened to Hash or Tagger. What will they call the kid called Like? The Likester? One thing I’m sure of, these kids are not going to have it easy in the playground. And that’s coming from a kid named Minnow.

See what the rest of the world thinks about Hashtag by following the twitter stream #hashtag. Really.
2. More in the world of train wreck news: we had our fill of it in Toronto this week and the star was easily our former mayor, Rob Ford. Before getting ousted from office, what caught my attention was this video clip of him throwing a football. You’ve likely seen it already, and I know it’s not very charitable to be making fun of someone, but this blog is about what grabbed my attention—and this did. My dad used to say that he could tell a lot about a person by the way they played sports. This pretty much sums it up. There he is, letting the team down with another fumble.


3. Speaking of football, I hope everyone enjoyed the 100th Grey Cup this Sunday—if not to watch the Argos win, then to watch our beloved national treasure, Justin Bieber, in the half time show. I do have a few points to make about that, as his appearance raised some discussion. Firstly, the apparent booing in the audience while he was on stage was totally uncalled for. I’m embarrassed that the fans would behave in such a way. Regardless of whether people wanted to see him perform, he is one of the biggest Canadian stars we have produced, he drew a lot of families to the set (or the game), he performed for free and—hello—he is still an 18 year old boy. No need to boo, people. But, to my second point, his wardrobe choices are doing him no favours. I know PSY and MC Hammer are sporting the parachute pants of late, but leather ones on a slight, white, 18 year old boy just don’t work. Worse, who dressed him in overalls to accept the Queen’s Jubilee Award from the Prime Minister? Time for a new stylist, Justin. I’m just happy my kids aren’t rock stars.

4. In more train wreck news, I was deeply upset by the worst Grinch story of all time, that of the former executive director of the Salvation Army who was arrested for stealing over $2 million worth of toys. The silver lining is that they found his warehouse and are recovering some of the items. I’m a bit worried about what else the police uncover in the course of their investigations. How many were turning a blind eye?


5. In the world of mommy blogging, anything related to attachment parenting is newsworthy these days. For those of you who are attachment parenting enthusiasts, you may know that Mayim Bialik, star of The Big Bang Theory, mother of two and a very public advocate of attachment parenting, announced on her own blog last weekend that she is filing for divorce. Her supporters anticipate judgement from others who will blame her extreme parenting practices on the divorce. She states that the couple are splitting ‘due to irreconcilable differences.’ Whatever the reasons are, it is sad for all parties involved. The ‘judgers’ could easily make the case that co-sleeping and prolonged breastfeeding (up to age 6) can take its toll on a marriage. But more importantly, the question now is, how will those same practices work if the parents are splitting their time with the kids? It’s an attachment dilemma if there ever was one. What do you think?




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