The Savvy Guide to December


December isn’€™t just a month’€”it’€™s a season. We say embrace it with our handy recommendations on how to get the best of this festive and oh-so-busy month.
Bring your kids to your local toy store and choose a gift for someone they don’€™t know’€”then drop it off at a toy drive
Why? Because it’€™s good for them to understand that some kids don’€™t get everything they want for the holidays’€”in fact, some don’€™t get anything at all.

Your quantities right when entertaining
Why? We have the ultimate checklist of how much food and wine to buy for the perfect party this year’€”and every year to come.

A cooperative board game with your family, such as Race to the Treasure
Why? Because games like this foster team spirit and teach kids how to share responsibility (read: they don’€™t cause fights).

How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character by Paul Tough
Why? Because it’€™s the hot new parenting book on the shelf this year that talks about how to develop character in your kids. Character is reflected in skills like perseverance, curiosity, conscientiousness, optimism and self-control.

Make a homemade holiday gift
Why? Because DIY gifts are more thoughtful and better for your budget’€”and they have a much lower carbon footprint and no wasteful packaging.

Over 118 participating stores on December 12 for Free Shipping Day
Why? We think the name speaks for itself. Well, maybe the word ‘€˜FREE’€™ does.

Ditty Bop
Why? Because it’€™s a fun song game for your iPhone that you can play with the family’€”without using words. The rules are simple: choose a song to hum, whistle, beat box or sound out’€”no words allowed. Fellow players then try to guess the song within a certain period of time. The ease of use is what makes Ditty Bop so much fun and entertaining for players of all ages. Get it at (From Our Partner: Ditty Bop)

A batch of cookies
Why? Because we have a lot of great ideas to inspire you to wow your friends or family this holiday season. No complicated recipes allowed.

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Why? Because Saplings is closing their online shop and they’€™re having a sale you won’€™t want to miss. With a great range of high-quality sustainable products, we’re sure you’ll check off all the names on your gift list.

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