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It was a fun week. I noticed some celebrity news with Amy and Tina, the Olsen twins looking for more attention, solutions for cold and flu season, help with staying active and more on gun control in the US.
1. There were a lot of moms featured at the Golden Globes this week. Jodie Foster mentioned her own mom in her very long-winded acceptance speech. That was nice. New mom Adele commented on her mom status by saying, ‘I’m just happy to have a night out.’ Love her. But there is no question that Tina and Amy owned the night. They nailed it. They were awesome. I love them. But instead of treating you to a clip from the Globes, I’ll share this little ditty from Tina that was running around the internet last week.

a leather knapsack dotted with pills

2. While I don’t typically discuss celeb gossip, I couldn’t resist sharing the latest crazy Olsen twin move. The superstar child actors turned fashion designers have launched a leather knapsack dotted with pills all over it—as in, pharmaceuticals. As if the design statement isn’t bad enough, they are pricing this hot item at an accessible $55,000. Do you think the bag would be less expensive in Canada since drugs are so much cheaper here?


3. In more practical parenting news, I found an item this week that is both cheap and useful for you this winter. Zipzicles are a great way to make healthy frozen treats for kids that would come in handy around cold and flu season. We know how much kids need fluids when they’re sick and they all love a good frozen treat. Keep these $2.99 packs of zippered freezie bags in stock for all seasons. You don’t even have to go anywhere—just order online.

Active for Life

4. If you don’t have any coughs, colds or flu in your house, try and stay that way by getting outside and staying active. We’re always looking for ways to promote physical health for kids (and parents) as much as we can at SavvyMom, which is why I was pleased to read our expert article this week from Active for Life. It provides a printable checklist for parents to use with their kids to track the amount of physical activity they do—with the goal being 60-90 minutes a day. Note: driving to the rink doesn’t count!

5. Finally, in more sombre news, I read on Babble about the school in Ohio that agreed to arm their janitor with a gun—this in the wake of the Connecticut shootings. How would you feel if you were a parent sending your child to that school?

Have a good week.


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