Netflix’s New Year’s Eve Countdowns for Kids Are A Gift To Every Tired Parent

Netflix NYE

I have little kids who love a good New Year’s Eve party. They’ve got a Mom who also enjoys a fun, festive night. The main difference between us is, I will sleep in the next morning. The kids will not.

And because I know from first-hand experience that hell hath no fury like a tired kid, I have no desire to let them stay up until midnight, only to have them wake up a mere 6 hours later.

The whining. Oh, the whining.

So I’m convinced that somewhere at Netflix, there’s a tired, busy parent who came up with this ultimate hack for surviving New Year’s with little kids. For the fifth consecutive year, Netflix is putting mom and dad in control of when the ball drops for the little ones with kid-friendly New Year’s Eve Countdowns.

Genius. That’s all I can say.

Starting on December 26, parents can access the on-demand videos starring characters from a bunch of great shows that your kids love. You can either look for the celebratory “2019” icon in the kids’ menu to get quick access to all videos, or search “New Year’s Eve Countdown” or “Countdowns” within the search function.

Then you can countdown, hug, kiss and sing to your heart’s content before ushering the kids off to bed and popping the bubbly for yourself.

FUN FACT: New Year’s Eve is just as enjoyable at 7 or 8 pm as it is at midnight. In fact, I find it even more enjoyable because I not only get to see the kids’ excitement over the countdown, I can sit on the couch after they’ve gone to bed, gorging myself on cheese and chocolate and get myself to bed at a reasonable hour, too.

Welcome to adulting, folks. It’s pretty awesome.

For more info, check out Netflix. And Happy New Year to you and yours!


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