New Trampoline Park in Ottawa: Jump and Bounce at Flying Squirrel

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Looking to get the kids out of the house and tire them out? They can burn off energy, play together and learn a few new moves at Flying Squirrel, a new trampoline park in Ottawa’s East End.

Located on Cyrville road (across from the Costco), Flying Squirrel welcomes families from across the city. There’s more to do than just bounce (although, that’s a sure fire way for the kids to tire themselves out!) There are endless activities and play areas. We love the basketball hoops where kids can grab a ball and take an impressive jump shot off the trampoline. And we know the battle beam will be a popular station. Kids step onto a balance beam surrounded by a foam pit as they try to use the jousting tools to push the other person off the beam. If this doesn’t remind you of the old American Gladiators show, nothing will!

After a battle on the beam, the kids can try their luck together in the dodge ball court. There are two sides of the court where teams can be made.  They’ll throw balls at each other while bouncing on the trampolines. Set the rules, and get ready to leap, duck and catch the ball before you get eliminated.

The slack line is going to be popular with kids who love a challenge against themselves. How far can they walk along the slack line before they fall into the foam pit? They’ll want to try over and over again.

flying squirrel trampoline park

Throughout Flying Squirrel there are comfortable chairs for non-jumping parents to rest and watch the action. When you first arrive, there’s a safety video for kids to watch, explaining not to do flips and other safety notes that kids need to know. In addition, when you arrive, attendees will need to bring or purchase special trampoline socks to wear at all times when jumping. These can be reused and brought for your next visit.

If you are worried about your toddler being able to participate, without being knocked over by excited ‘big kids’, not to worry. There is a kiddie hoop court and kiddie jump area for smaller jumpers who are there at the same time as the older kids, too. You’ll definitely want to check out the toddler time at Flying Squirrel. Toddlers can jump at certain times and days of the week for a discounted rate.  A toddler pass for multiple visits can be purchased.

All jumpers can jump for one hour or two (but trust us, most kids will be tired after the hour!) and a waiver needs to be signed for every jumper, but they can be done online in advance of your visit, to save you time. You won’t want to delay your mini jumpers any longer than you have to.

flying squirrel trampoline park

Of course, Flying Squirrel isn’t just for the kids. Parents, you can participate and jump along with the kids, too. How about getting a family game of trampoline dodge ball started? There is also an arcade for kids who want to take a break from jumping and at birthday parties guests can bounce to new heights! Parties (for ten to twenty guests) include two hours of jump time, pizza, water, party signs, party tables and more, depending on the package chosen.

Flying Squirrel is a great way for Ottawa residents to jump and play on trampolines in unconventional and exciting ways that we know kids will love. Tickets can be purchased online. And if your whole family loves to bounce, a family pass may be the best way to save money on all your visits.

Get out there and encourage the kids to jump the sillies out at Flying Squirrel!


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