Why My New Year’s Resolution is to Have More People Over for Dinner

i resolve to have more family dinners in 2017

If you’ve been reading here for any length of time, you know I almost always make a few food resolutions for the year. They might include something simple like adding more whole grains to my family’s diet, or building a bigger backyard garden. None are related to diet and weight loss, but instead focus on something we can accomplish as a family. This year I’ve changed things up a bit, and hope to put all of my efforts into just one simple resolution: host more Sunday suppers.

A few years ago, my husband and I decided we would start hosting regular Sunday night dinners. We had a few reasons for wanting to do this (you can read more about them here, if you like), but essentially our hope was to gather all of the (locally-living) members of our extended family for dinner once a week. It was mandatory that our own boys were in attendance, and they were welcome to invite friends to come, too, but they knew and understand that their presence is non-negotiable. As for everyone else, well, that was completely their call. Nobody was required to be there, of course, but the invitation was always open, and I’m thrilled to say the turnout was great. Most weeks we had anywhere from 5 to 23 people for dinner. A little crazy, I know, but also so much fun.

Last year, we hosted fewer of those dinners than I would have liked. More of my nephews started playing hockey, some of the septuagenarians developed health problems and life just became busier and busier for all of the us, and the months easily slipped by. It happens, but I do believe there’s a season for everything and I’m convinced 2017 is the time to get back to regular ‘Family Supper Sundays’.

A friend once mentioned that she would love to do something similar, if only her family lived close by. She jokingly suggested she should organize weekend dinners with a few friends and their families instead. I enthusiastically encouraged her to do so! I firmly believe close friends can, and often do, substitute in for family. Remember Joey on Full House? Who was he anyway? He cooked meals and helped with homework, and the kids loved him as much as their blood relative Uncle Jesse. I also grew up with an ‘aunt’ and ‘uncle’, adopted family members that were the childhood friends of my parents. It was a honourary designation, but one that signalled their importance in our life.

The goal has always been to share a casual meal with those we love, blood relation or not. If you don’t have kids yet, and even if you’re single, I encourage you to gather those you consider dearest around your table as often as possible. I guarantee only good things can happen when you do; otherwise, I wouldn’t be willing to feed up to 23 people every Sunday. Here’s to a delicious 2017!

Tell us, do you have food resolutions this year? Also, do you do anything like my Sunday suppers?

P.S. This article is incredibly inspiring, too.

P.P.S. I think Sunday suppers are the definition of Hygge, don’t you?





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