No More Monsters


We’re firm believers in the old saying ‘When it comes to child-rearing, the days are long but the years are short’. So when we find something that promises to make bedtime go smoother, we’re all ears.

If ‘There’s a monster in my room—I can’t get to sleep’ is a common refrain, Anti-Monster Spray by LEFP Green Body Care is the magic solution. With four different varieties of essential oil spray to chose from—Blue Boogie, Green Blob, Pink Prickles or Purple Thing—this anti-viral spray can be misted on beds, sheets, pillows and pajamas for an anti-viral and anti-bacterial effect. They are chock full of tea tree oil, lavender, peppermint and lemon essential oils so they reinforce your kiddo’s immune system and leave bedrooms smelling fresh and clean.

But back to the monsters…we’ve developed a bedtime ritual of spraying the pillow, under the bed and in a few dark corners with the Anti-Monster Spray ($14.99). We haven’t had a sick day yet this winter, but more importantly, bedtime’s a breeze because the monsters have been repelled and there are no more excuses for getting out of bed to find a grown-up!


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