Non-Chocolate Easter Ideas for Kids

Non-Chocolate Easter Ideas for Kids

Easter doesn’t have to equal mounds of chocolate. (Though a little bit doesn’t hurt!) This year, if you’re looking for other options that won’t need to break the bank, try combining some bigger ticket items on the list with the ones that are easier on the pocketbook, and consider dollar store finds like markers, sidewalk chalk and erasers to fill in the gaps. They’ll get tons of enjoyment and hours of play, minus the sugar crash.

Most of these can be found in-store, so you can pick them up now. Otherwise, that Prime membership for Amazon will come in handy!

Lil’ Gleemerz Babies

Soooo cute! It’s not all about bunnies and chicks – these brightly coloured lemur-like babies will steal your heart. Plus – rainbow lights and some fun sounds, one that may or not be a fart. So – the perfect kid toy!

$15, Available at Mastermind Toys

Kinetic Sand

It’s this year’s fidget spinner. Kinetic Sand is pretty cool – mould it, sculpt it, squeeze it – with no sandy mess left on hands or the carpet. It also comes in a variety of cool colours so kids can create masterpieces, or simply use it as a fidget toy.

$17, Available at Amazon

Little Live Scruff A Luvs Blossom Bunny

The super-cute Scruff a Luv puppies that we loved during the holiday season have been brought back with a twist for Easter. These bunnies are in need of adoption, and because they come in a little ball of fur, your kids can learn about taking care of a pet as they wash, dry groom and shower some TLC on them. So sweet!

$30, Available at Mastermind Toys

Janod Baby Push Along Toy

Baby’s first Easter? This wood and silicone push along toy is the perfect basket addition. In pretty pastels, it’s the perfect accessory to all the darling Easter photos starring your own baby bunny.

$20, Available at Indigo

Solar System Goo Ball

They’re big fans of slime, putty and generally anything that feels good to squeeze. So they’ll love collecting all the different solar system goo balls, complete with facts about each planet. Learn, trade, squish – what more do you need?

$3, Available at Mastermind Toys

Calico Critters Hopscotch Rabbit Twins

These Calico Critters are perfect for Easter. These little bunny twins – sweetly called Honey and Hopper – come complete with removable clothing. They’ll have lots of hours of imaginative play with these little ones.

$14, Available at Amazon

Andrews and Blaine Easter Basket

In recent years we’ve been spoiled for choice when it comes to the actual Easter basket. We love the variety of animals and colours available so that each kiddo can get their favourite. Also, we’re fans of the canvas construction to decrease the amount of plastic used this holiday.

$14, Available at Indigo

L.O.L. Surprise Mini Tin

You know that L.O.L. items are at the top of their wish list, so why not add this sweet tin of wee surprises to the basket. Stick-on earrings, nail decals, tattoo sheets and pins round out the offerings inside.

$10, Available at Mastermind Toys

Lucky Fortune Collectible Bracelet

A sweet little charm bracelet hidden inside a pretend fortune cookie that comes with a fortune. So. Much. Cuteness! These collectibles are sure to delight. And they’re only $6 a cookie.

$6, Available at Indigo

Plush Bunny

You just can’t beat a cute stuffy. Especially a sweet, long-eared bunny.

$11, Available at Walmart

Zuru 5 Collectible Mystery

The collectible craze contains, and in the Zuru 5 there are five – count em, five – neat toys. The “blue” collection carries items like mini skateboards, sports paraphernalia and even silly bandz. The pink series is more heavily populated by tiny dolls and kittens.

$8, Available at Indigo

LEGO Harry Potter Minifigures

The kids (ok, parents, too) were so excited when LEGO brought back the Harry Potter line-up. Minifigures are a great, economical way to revisit the joy of the books and movies.

$4, Available at Mastermind Toys

Fingerlings Untamed- Baby T-Rex 

We love the “untamed” and “tamed” modes to these wee beasties: in untamed mode, expect them to roar, hiss and chomp; in tamed mode, purrs, snuggles and dino love.

$20, Available at Indigo



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