One Shortbread: Three Variations

Jan Scott April 12, 2016

Shortbread cookies have been around for centuries and for good reason, too. Made with only four ingredients’€”butter, sugar, flour and salt’€”they can be manipulated into a variety of shapes and flavours with little effort and time.
While shortbread is often chilled and cut into holiday shapes using cookie cutters, the dough can also be pressed into a pan and scored into pieces, rolled into balls or shaped into a log and sliced. One simple recipe can easily yield three or more different cookies that look as though you spent hours baking.

The quality of the shortbread is often related to the quality of the items used. Because there are so few ingredients, I like to recommend buying the best butter you can afford. You will be rewarded with a crisp but tender shortbread that holds it’€™s shape well, yet crumbles just a little with each bite taken’€”a true testament to a well-made cookie.

Here are three variations of shortbread cookies using just one recipe. I like to divide the dough into thirds and customize each according to the three sets of directions listed below.

Do you make shortbread for the holidays?

Find the full printable recipe here: Vanilla Bean Shortbread

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