A Day of Play

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

Need a break from wrestling the kids into snowsuits?
Instead of layering up, why not try one of these fun and fabulous indoor playgrounds we scoured the city to find for you.

Good For: Families with kids of all ages (including Dad).
Why It Made the List: We first wrote about it before they opened. We’€™ve since paid a visit to this indoor playground, and had a great time. Funhaven has just introduced a new caregiver admission package ($15.99). One adult and three children under the age of five get a snack, a drink, and unlimited Ballocity weekdays between 10 am and 4 pm.

Good For: Active tykes
Why It Made the List: This place is smaller than some of the larger indoor playgrounds, but just as much fun for the young ones. Who needs the gym when there are toddlers to chase?

Starr Gymnastics
Good For: Busy bodies
Why It Made the List: Three words’€”drop-in playtime. And it’€™s great for kids age six and under. Active play in this indoor playground is a great way to get the winter wiggles out and ensure a good night’€™s sleep. (And we’€™re not just talking about the kids either!)

Good For: Meatball lovers of all ages
Why It Made the List: The new Ikea is four times the size of the old one, and the supervised playroom has expanded as well. Did you know they give away free baby food in combination with the purchase of an adult meal? There’€™s a great toy section in the new store too.

So reign ‘€˜em in(doors), then let ‘€˜em loose. Tested by Andrea T., Ottawa

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