A Perfect Solution


Every day moms face countless dilemmas. And a huge one is that kids constantly outgrow everything that was just bought for them. Everything!
The expense of constantly buying new kids’ clothing, combined with the lack of an easy way to donate or sell gently-used clothing convinced Susan Williams, a mother of two, to create Perfect Threads.

Perfect Threads is a convenient one-stop online shop for parents to buy and sell quality used children’€™s clothing’€”simply and efficiently. The first step is to send them your outgrown clothes for free’€”they pay all the shipping costs. Then the Perfect Threads buyers assess the clothing, determine the value and deposit this amount into your Perfect Threads account. From there, you can use the money to shop on the site or donate it to SickKids Hospital.

With clothes from newborn to size 14 on offer at very fair and affordable prices, it’€™s easy for you to right-size your child’€™s closet by selling items you don’€™t need and then using that money to buy items you do need. If your child doesn’€™t have siblings or neighbours of a ‘€˜hand-me-down’€™ age, their clothes will be put to good use and won’€™t end up in a landfill. So you save money, make money and help the planet’€”all at the same time.

Not only that, this socially-conscious site partners with charities to help give back. If you donate clothing for sale and the clothing is sold, then the net proceeds of the sale will be donated to their partner charities. Clothes not sold are given directly to charities that can use them’€”charities who need clothes receive clothes and charities who need money receive money. Everyone wins.

And that’€™s a perfect solution.


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