Back to Mom Time


While September heralds the frantic return to the daily grind, it can also provide some much needed ‘mom time’, which also requires proper attention. We recommend calling a few friends and heading to the new Carisse Studio Cafe on Elgin.

We love the fresh, local food that celebrates a variety of cultures. While your best friend grabs a bistro table, get yourself a smorgas—an open-faced egg salad sandwich with baby shrimp on top—or maybe an avocado stuffed with grain-fed chicken. We highly recommend their egg tarts, perfect for sunny brunches, and don’t forget to splurge on dessert—their authentic tiramisu, made with real espresso and the richest of creamy fillings, is pure perfection. If it’s warm, pick up a watermelon smoothie, but if you’re fresh off a rough night with the kids, their made-to-order Italian coffees will perk you right up.

It’s not just the food that’s pretty as a picture, the walls of the cafe are filled with fun, fascinating and lovely photos by the owner’s husband, Jean-Marc Carisse. He’s worked with several prime ministers, big-name musicians, and visiting dignitaries, and you may be tempted to pick up a print or two of a silly behind-the-scenes Trudeau, wild-haired Mick Jagger or a stately Dali Lama. There’s even a studio in the back where you can book your own session—it’s a happy, pleasant outing to go for brunch and a photo set for yourself, your girlfriends, or even your whole family.

A quiet, pretty, and grown-up visit to a cafe is just the thing to recharge your back-to-school batteries.

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