Back to Nature


Living in the city has its cultural advantages. We have museums, galleries and shops’€”lots of shops’€”where we buy everything we need. Our kids learn at an early age that stuff comes from stores’€”like vegetables.
The Children’€™s Garden at Robert F. Legget Park will change that way of thinking. Wandering the stone paths between tomato plants and pumpkins, it’€™s easy to feel transported to a country garden instead of visiting a city park in central Ottawa.

A green thumb isn’€™t needed to enjoy the lush surroundings of this city treasure in Old Ottawa East. Kids and adults are welcome to explore the garden and discover the different kinds of vegetables and fruits planted by local volunteers. We love that The Children’€™s Garden gives city kids a glimpse of the food we eat throughout the growing seasons of summer and fall.

Watch the kids run past the fairy garden to the stone circle used at Tuesday and Thursday morning drop-in playgroups, just one of the activities being offered for kids this summer. We love to lie on our backs in the bean teepee and stare at the green world around us.

The Children’€™s Garden is the perfect place for an afternoon picnic with friends, or dinner under the setting sun. It’€™s also a great reminder for our children that our veggies come from the earth–our earth.

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