Bag It


Moms love anything that makes packing lunches easier. That’€™s why we love Readi Set Go.
The Glebe store on Bank Street offers an extensive (but selective) array of lunch bags, lunch kits and food containers to outfit kids of any age for back to school. Peruse some of the lunchtime offerings displayed at the front of the store, including water bottles and Thermoses, but make sure to venture into the back where lunch essentials are packed from floor to ceiling. Choose from lunch bags by Balanced Day and Dabbawalla and fill them with stainless steel Lunch Bots or reusable sandwich wraps.

Beyond lunch, Readi Set Go has a wide selection of luggage for kids and parents, from small toddler backpacks to family-size suitcases. The left-hand wall displays products for travelling with babies and small kids but we were easily distracted by the brightly coloured selection of lug bags on the opposite wall, perfect for carrying a grown-up-sized lunch.

Back to school is coming quickly and Readi Set Go is ready to help. If only the lunch boxes came pre-packed.

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Tested by Brie M., Ottawa


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