There’s a New Bird in Town


You don’€™t have to live in a yellow submarine to be exposed to tiny seahorses, armoured sturgeon, graceful beluga whales and everything see-worthy in between. Just visit the Vancouver Aquarium.
In fact, plan an entire birthday party there and get dazzled by the colours of the ocean floor’€”the lime green anemones, the eggplant coloured Pacific octopus and those adorable orange, white and black clownfish to mention a few. Where else can little ones wander through the Amazon, explore Canada’€™s Arctic, and then walk up and down BC’€™s varied coastline in time for lunch?

Rest your legs at the only 4D movie theatre in Western Canada, which is currently playing From Pole to Pole from the BBC Planet Earth’s series. But consider yourself warned’€”you might get sprayed by the blowhole of an orca whale!

And be sure to stop by Penguin Point and say hello to Lillooet, Tofino, Hope, Nelson, Steveston, Sechelt and Salt Spring, the African Penguins that joined the aquarium family this spring. Smaller and dressed less formally than their cousins of Madagascar fame, watch these adorable characters as they lounge on their rocky beach (modelled after their natural environment, Boulders Beach in Cape Town, South Africa), paddle around and ‘€˜fly’€™ underwater.

With over 35 million visitors’€”and still going strong’€”bring the whole birthday party to the aquarium. You’€™ll be amazed at what you see.

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Tested by Nancy C., Vancouver


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