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While we still have summer brain, the nagging fear of that September schedule is lurking in the back of our minds. Cross one of your concerns off the list with a little help from Drive My Kidz. Then you can get back to enjoying the summer.

It’s a brilliant idea: experienced drivers with plenty of kid know-how, insurance and first aid skills will pick up your children at one place and drive them someplace else, making sure they arrive safely and on time. Maybe your youngster goes to an out-of-district school, and you just need someone to transition them from school to daycare each day. Maybe your big kid wants to skip after-school care to go to gymnastics class once a week. Maybe your spouse is away on a business trip, and you just can’t manage to get the kids to hockey and piano at the same time. Regular schedule or special event—it’s just one less thing you’ll have to struggle to make work.

Even better: if you’ve got a few friends that need a similar service at the same time, consider their group rate. A few teammates can be picked up and can carpool together to soccer practice. The same driver works the same area of town, so they’ll soon come to know your child well and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that someone who cares made sure they safely made it home each day.

Extend that summer-brain feeling a little longer, knowing that the September scramble is taken care of.

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