Fair Play

SavvyMom June 10, 2016

Like us, our kids are always looking for something new to excite them.
Just Play Toy Rental is the solution that allows parents to indulge their children with a new fix, without the waste. It’€™s nothing but fun for the kids and easy for moms.

Ordering is as simple as picking a selection of toys from the catalogue, adding them to your cart and choosing a delivery date. Bored kids will be delighted by the delivery woman at the door, carrying a box full of slightly used, but durable and clean toys. (Items are scrubbed between rentals with an all-natural antibacterial cleaning product.)

We loved spinning and balancing on the Spooner Freestyle Board and creating truncated dodecahedrons with the brightly coloured, turtle-shaped interlocking blocks called Reptangles. When summer arrives, sign us up for a turn with their Ride On Water Shooting Fire Truck and PlasmaBikes’€”and a set of Magformers for rainy day play.

The toys are yours for four weeks’€”at which time a representative comes to you for pickup.

Good to Know: Rentals are a great idea for birthday parties (think mini trampoline, crawling tunnels, giant foam blocks and more).

Say goodbye to the phrase ‘€˜Mommy, I’€™m bored’€™’€”we’ve got more ways to play and have fun with these 6 Fun Winter Activities in Ottawa.

Tested by Lynn J., Ottawa

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