Have Baby, Will Travel

SavvyMom June 10, 2016

For many of us, Thanksgiving allows us the chance to visit family and show off our kids. Whether you’re travelling across town or across the province, great gear from new Westboro boutique Baby enRoute can actually make travelling with kids easy, stylish and comfortable.

For those daring to attempt a plane ride, we recommend picking up a Benbat Travel Friend—an adorable head and neck pillow to help babies and toddlers rest happily. Disposable bibs, potty pads, and placemats by Bella Tunno are very handy in airports and help make your trip easy and clean. Need to carry some restricted liquids into the cabin, like diaper cream or sunscreen? We love Baby enRoute’s Go Toobs—non-leaking squeeze tubes with a flip top in regulation sizes, perfect for one-handed diaper changes in those tiny bathrooms.

If it’s a car ride you’re planning, BPA-free Contigo water bottles are a great choice for preschoolers. Since a button must be held down for sipping, these bottles automatically seal up the moment it flies out of their hand—and before it hits the car floor. Once you get to Grandma’s, make everyone comfortable with toddler travel beds (a combination sleeping bag and air mattress) by The Shrunks.

Lastly, if it’s just a picnic in the park you have in mind, make things easy on yourself with a stroller cooler and organizer by J.L. Childress.

With this kind of gear, maybe what they say is true—getting there is half the fun.


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