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Preparing for Baby with Genes to Beans Prenatal Classes


First pregnancies are full of glow, excitement—and worry. We’ve all lost sleep fretting over the birth process and wondering about what is ahead of us. But you can get your restful nights back with some reassurance, training, and best of all, answers, from Genes to Beans Prenatal Classes.

Their classes offer up to 20 hours of instruction on everything you’ll need to know for a healthy pregnancy and birth. You’ll learn what to expect from the various stages of labour, what the pain management options are, how to care for yourself post-birth, and how to handle and nurse a newborn—making it easy to put together a birth and homecoming plan you’ll feel comfortable with.

We love their sensible and calm approach: that knowledge is comfort, and the more you know, the better equipped you are to ask the right questions and make informed decisions along the way. And that’s not even the best part—we’re big fans of their focus on partner-coached labour. Dads and partners-to-be will become an integral part of the process as they learn how to best support their partner at every stage.

Genes to Beans has several new prenatal sessions starting in May, so contact them soon through their website to register.

Keep your little bean safe and secure. We’ve got 5 Must-Take Safety Classes in Ottawa.


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