Sports off the Beaten Path


Basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer—they’re practically the definition of sport, but there are so many other fun and offbeat physical activities for kids in this city. With fall registration just around the corner, consider a little cross training with these different sports.

Got a swimmer who wants more than just endless lengths of front crawl? Synchronized swimming at Ottawa Synchro is a fun alternative, and with the Rio summer Olympics just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to get into the sport of Carolyn Waldo and Sylvie Frechette. Ages six and up can have fun learning the basic moves and experiencing the joy of moving to music in water. If they get really hooked, they can move up to the competitive level and learn how to work as a team and compete across the province.

Ottawa has one of the biggest ultimate Frisbee leagues in the world, and with good reason—it’s like all the best parts of soccer, football, and basketball rolled into one. Players pass the disc up the field and try to score by catching in the end zone; as a co-ed sport, it’s contact free and has a surprisingly laid-back, friendly vibe that stems from no referees or penalties. Kids aged eight and up are placed on a team that matches their skill level. It’s a seriously fun way to spend a fall evening.

Curling is practically Canada’s (other) national game on ice, and there’s no question we own the sheet when it comes to international competition. Give your little Glenn Howard a start with the youth league at Huntley Curling Club. Kids can get started throwing rocks and learning the basics of sweeping, and at just $125 for a full year of weekly games, it’s one of the best values for sports around.

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