Picky Eater Hacks



Only eats noodles. Won’t touch vegetables. Squirms at the thought of meat. Subsists on air and milk. We know that it’s tough managing a picky eater. No worries, we’ve got a few new ideas, tips and tools to add to your picky eating arsenal. Because when they’re hungry enough they’ll eat anything—ha. As if.

Call for Kefir 
To round out a less than stellar meal (maybe it was heavy on the carbs), we often turn to kefir, a kind of drinkable yogurt, as a post-meal top-up. With good protein and loads of probiotics, it can help keep the digestive system working smoothly. Just don’t go overboard—there is a fair amount of sugar in there. (Show Me More)

Do the Wave 
Everything’s more delicious in fun shapes. This knife gives veggies, cheese, and sandwiches a crinkle edge, and the blade end is dull enough that we feel safe letting bigger kids go to town on their own lunches. DIY lunch? You bet. (Show Me More!)

Sprinkles (Not Just for Cupcakes) 
We do feel like our kids need some vitamins, probiotics and omegas, but we don’t love the sugar in the gummy versions. With these allergen-free sprinkles, the tykes get all that good stuff without any extra sugar. Super easy to add to cereal, sandwiches or smoothies without any additional taste. (Show Me More!)

The end to dinnertime staring matches is in sight. See the rest of our Picky Eater Hacks here.




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