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It’€™s not easy finding an activity that your 5 year-old will love as much as your tween. It’€™s harder finding a place where one parent can easily keep tabs on several excited kids. That’€™s why we’€™re so excited to tell you about Altitude Gym’€™s Clip ‘€˜N Climb. It’€™s wild but contained, and it’€™s fun for all ages.
Nestled in the back room of a traditional rock-climbing gym, Clip ‘€˜N Climb is a cavern full of dozens of funky and fun climbing walls. Youngsters can live out their Spiderman dreams as they try out the Lego-themed wall, the glow-in-the-dark wall or, for the truly brave, the circle of increasingly taller and more tottery poles. Challenging your best buddy to a side-by-side climbing race? That’€™s the coolest part.

Want to know the easy part? Every climber self-clips into the support rope (plenty of staff are on hand to double check each fastener), and then kids are free to head up, up and away without any adult holding the end of the line. When they reach the top’€”or as high as they dare’€”they simply let go. A pulley system lowers them safely to the ground.

Since the room is completely contained, it’€™s the perfect venue for birthday parties or a summer day when the heat is too much and you’€™ve got a combination of ages at home. Everyone can work off steam in an enclosed environment, while you float around the room, congratulating yourself on your genius.

Good to Know: Climbing sessions last an hour and 15 minutes, and should be reserved in advance. Give yourself extra climbing time by downloading their waiver form in advance from their website.

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Tested by Lynn J., Ottawa


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