The New Green


Just like Kermit says, it’€™s not easy being green. Cranking that carbon footprint to drive from here to there and everywhere for the right eco-products and breaking the bank on the way is not on our weekly to-do list. Still, we continue to seek out only the best for our families.
Aren’€™t we lucky in Ottawa, then, that we can boast being home to Canada’€™s first and only terra20 store. Don’€™t worry if you haven’€™t heard of it. It’€™s brand new. They’€™re opening their eco-doors on Saturday, September 15.

With a broad range of environmentally friendly products (more than 12,000 products in store)’€”including fashion, baby clothing and toys, housewares, cosmetics, home decor and more’€”you’€™ll be green in no time.

What else will you find at terra20? The new in-store ecobar dispensers are a big feature. The ecobar allows you to replace your common household cleaners with eco-friendly alternatives made from healthier, natural ingredients. Because the mixing is done on-site, the transportation weight is reduced. You just grab-and-go.

What are you waiting for? The store grand opening is Saturday, September 15. Everyone is invited to go and meet the experts who are excited to demonstrate their eco-products and meet the customers.

Finally, there is a one-stop shop for you to get green. You should go.


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