Treasure Seeking in the Glebe


The Great Glebe Garage Sale 2014

It’s time to shake things up a bit this weekend. Try spending the day exploring all the treats and treasures available in the Glebe at their annual sale, right in the heart of the city. Here are our 12 picks for How to Do the Great Glebe Garage Sale

Houses on both sides of Bank Street from Glebe down to Fifth, as well as many businesses along Bank, will be selling off everything from baby gear to picture books to antiques and toys. The kids will love the live music and street performances, too. Bring a big backpack, stroller or wagon, arrive early for best selection (and parking!), and get treasure hunting.

Need to refuel? We recommend Flapjack’s, a secret gem of a food truck that hides in the back alley behind Mrs. Tiggy Winkles. They serve unbelievably good stacks stuffed with fruit and topped with sweet or savory sauces. Our pick? A tall stack with raspberries with caramel sauce—and don’t forget the sprinkles!

After that, it’s back to seeing who can score the best garage sale find—or maybe just burning off those sweets (try the play structure at Fourth and Percy, attached to Corpus Christi school). Either way, it’s a grand day for a downtown adventure.

You’re about to have a weekend for the books. Just keep clicking to see the rest of our 12 Great Places to Shop and Eat in the Glebe.


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