Two Can Play That Game


They say you should always play to win, but at Brinkeetos, our favourite indoor playground in Ottawa’€™s west end, it’€™s more like play to win-win. Not only will your tots have a blast exploring the fitness and sensory equipment, but with their new drop-off program, you can sneak out for a bit of fun, too.
The gym is a bright, colourful and spacious area where imaginations run wild. Our preschoolers can spend hours running between the rope swing, the rock climbing wall and the ball pit. But our favourite apparatus is the cuddle swing’€”a giant cloth sling dangling from bungee cords that’€™s perfect for flying like a fairy, hopping like a kangaroo or twirling like a circus performer. When we’€™re finally all tuckered out, we can even curl up inside it like a baby.

The drop-off service runs weekdays between 9:30 am and 12 pm. Call ahead for a reservation and you can have up to an hour and a half of child-free bliss to shop, grab a coffee or just read a book in peace. The cost is a mere $15 for the first child with a sliding scale as more children are added.

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Tested by Lynn J., Ottawa


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