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Held every April 22, Earth Day has become one of the largest environmental events celebrated worldwide. It provides the perfect opportunity to ask ourselves (and our kids!) what we are doing to contribute to our beautiful Mother Earth.

We like to use Earth Day as an opportunity to talk to our families about:

Pollution and Recycling
Remember Woodsy Owl of the 1970s? Well, in Woodsy’s memory we’re donning some gloves (check out the cute ones we got for the kids at Lee Valley) and picking up the garbage around our yard as well as up and down our street. We will take an extra bag for the recyclables too. Kids love to help, and seeing the positive results of a bit of hard work is great motivation.

We’re going to dig our rain barrel out of the garage and set it up under the downspout in the back yard. They’re made out of recycled food grade barrels and are sold (and made!) at Arbour Environmental Shoppe in the Glebe. That $80 will go a long way toward greening your garden. Rain water will give you a supply of clean water and might even put a dent in your water bill.

Alternate Transportation
Challenge yourself to walk, jog, skip or bike to school with your child. Can you do it for the whole week? We’re walking to school to improve our health and help reduce traffic volume in school zones. How about organizing a “walking school bus” by trading off with other parents and planning out supervised walks to school? Visit for more information.

Turning Out the Lights
Earth Hour was such a big hit, we’re doing a reprise and eating dinner by candlelight. And we’re going to celebrate our love for the planet (and all of our hard work!) with an easy treat: dirt pie. Layer chocolate cookie crumbs, ice cream or chocolate pudding in a glass bowl and add a couple of gummy worms on top. Serve it with a little flower—edible or not—to complete the effect.

Who knows, perhaps every day will become Earth Day in your family.

Earth Day Ottawa

Arbour Environmental Shoppe
(613) 567-3168
800 Bank Street


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