Me and My Drum


Like peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk, Winterlude and Beavertails, kids and music are a natural fit. One wouldn’t be quite the same without the other.

It seems like there is plenty of music in our lives already. We did the Baby Mozart thing (or Baby Green Day in our case), and we like to sing and dance around our kitchen when no one is looking, but we’ve figured out that listening to music and participating in music are two very different things.

There are plenty of places to indulge our love for music here in Ottawa, but two deserve special mention.

First, there is Monkey Rock Music, a lively music appreciation class for babies and toddlers in New Edinburgh. Instructor John King plays a mean guitar and his love for music (and kids) shines through everything he does. Learning through play and song is a major focus here, but it’s always about the fun. During a recent class we learned some easy sign language and how to play the spoons. (Did you know this old folk instrument was called “playing the bones” in Ireland? And they actually used real bones?)


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