Natural Brain Food


We’ve been hearing for a while now (like, since we were born) that milk is good for you. It’s a fact of life we accept and naturally pass down to our children.
But it’s not until we enthusiastically attempt to respond to the onslaught of “why” questions (enter 2–3 year olds) that we start thinking about the answers. We tell Mr. and Miss. Smarty Pants that it’s good for their bones, and that it makes them big and strong but do all moms (and their kids) know that it can contain DHA Omega-3, the fatty acid that supports the normal development of the brain? And we’re guessing most moms don’t know that Neilson Dairy Oh! is the dairy industry trailblazer, and was the first fresh milk that naturally contains DHA Omega-3.

Here’s another surprising fact for you: young Canadian children are seriously lacking DHA Omega-3. In fact, a recent study* shows 95% of Canadian pre-schoolers are not getting the DHA Omega-3 they need for the normal development of the brain. Since our bodies can’t make DHA Omega-3, we need to get it from the food we eat and the primary dietary source of DHA Omega-3 is cold-water fish—such as salmon, mackerel, halibut, herring and tuna. So if you are one of the rare moms who can get your kids to eat fresh fish, we salute you. But even that might not be enough, so that’s where Neilson Dairy Oh! milk comes in.


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