Sharing is Caring


Sometimes it can be a challenge to show our young families that the holidays are as much about giving as they are about receiving. It’s easy to pull out the credit card and donate online, but sometimes it can be a good idea to do something a little bit more.
Begin by kick-starting a conversation around the dinner table:

“What do we have that we can give to those who need it most?”

The Youville Centre helps single mothers provide a brighter future for their children and themselves. They accept donations of gently-used baby and toddler clothing, toys, and household items. Enlist little helpers to sort toys into ‘keep’ and ‘give’ piles and go from there. The kids might be more supportive of the exercise if they understand that children less fortunate than them will love the toys that are being given away.

“How can we help make sure that families have food on the table this holiday season?”


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