Show Us the Money


Some people have a lot and some people don’t. Some think it makes the world go ‘round and others think it’s plain rude to discuss in public. All we know is that our kids need to understand it, and learn some basic skills about how to manage it at an early age. That’s why we decided to make ‘money’ the subject of our next family field trip.
Our first stop is the Royal Canadian Mint (because it’s cool to go right to the source).

Little known fact: the coins in our pockets come from Winnipeg but all the collector and investment coins are minted right here in Ottawa. Take a tour and see how they’re made (hint: it involves heavy machinery and precious metals) and how the process has evolved over time. Did you know that all 1,014 gold, silver and bronze medals for the 2010 Winter Olympics were made in Ottawa? They’re on display at the Mint but you can also take an interactive tour online and learn more about the people, the manufacturing and the artwork behind each medal.

The best time to visit the Mint is during regular work hours when the production lines are moving along and you can see all the action. Don’t miss the solid gold bar that’s on display. Try lifting it, keeping in mind that it weighs 28 lbs and is probably worth more than your house!


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