Stickin’ It to Wrinkles


Babies have a way of aging you. They don’t mean to do it, but the years of sleepless nights and demanding schedules can take their toll. You may see the effects in a variety of ways, from your energy level to your physical fitness or mental health (read: patience)—and your skin is no exception. But don’t despair—we’ve discovered a new and unusual weapon to help you get your glow back: cosmetic acupuncture.
While the cure for diminished energy may lie in the passage of time or your commitment to better food and exercise, the antidote to wrinkles and other skin problems may lie in your ability to stretch out with a couple dozen needles sticking out of you at odd angles.

Dr. Roxanne Chabidon, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and key member of Lumina, a downtown facial rejuvenation and acupuncture clinic, is an advocate of cosmetic acupuncture for improving not just the appearance of lines, wrinkles, sags and droopy eyelids, but your skin’s health in general. She recommends facial rejuvenation acupuncture for older women who are already experiencing these wonderful things, as well as for younger women interested in preventing them and looking for enhanced clarity and glow. (Sounds good to us!)


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