Sunday Drivers


The term “Sunday driver” is often used in a derogatory sense, typically accompanied by the shaking of a fist. But we think Sunday drivers have been getting a bad rap. A leisurely drive through the countryside, gazing out the window as the landscape rolls by, can be (almost) as meditative as our yoga class.
The best kind of Sunday drive is one with a goal, and that’s why we like Merrickville, less than an hour’s drive south of Ottawa.

Merrickville is the best place to cultivate the art of “poking around.” There are plenty of sweet little stores, local artists, restaurants (a couple of chip trucks) and antique shops. Park your car in the public lot near the park by the Merrickville locks. There’s a big map display right there. Use it to locate a couple of our fave places to visit before you set out.

Mrs. McGarrigle’s
Mrs. McGarrigle’s is well-known in Ottawa for their delicious array of gourmet mustards. If you haven’t tried their award-winning Canadian Maple Mustard you’re missing out. It’s sweet with a kick (hey, just like us!), and mustard connoisseurs young and old will love it. The retail store is a dream come true for foodies and anyone who loves their kitchen, and is a great place to get stocking stuffers and hostess gifts.

Kiss My Glass
This glass gallery and studio is run by local artisan Bronwyn McKnight. She sells her funky wares up front and works out back. Bronwyn’s eye catching glass pendants and spherical glass ornaments (“They’re just like BUBBLES, mummy!”) are being added to our birthday wish-lists as we speak.


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