Squeaky Green


Spring is not the only time for a good houseclean. We also like the fall overhaul, and this time we’re going green.
When the going gets tough (and dirty) one of our favourite reinforcements is a company called Keeping House. It’s not like the same old cleaning services because the founder Lorene Tortolo is a ‘green cleaning advocate’. Lorene believes in the importance of keeping your home environment green (and clean), so much so that she begins the process with a consultation and assessment that includes a list of what is required to transform your home into a healthy green oasis. The requirements often include (but are not limited to) vinegar, baking soda, castile soap and water, with the odd cleaning utensil (like cloths, a mop and bucket) thrown in. Lorene will pick these up for you if necessary (for a nominal fee) but the real tip here is that she is providing not just a cleaning service but a green cleaning education. And this is what separates the cleaners from the advocates.

Keeping House Cleaners uses three bottles filled with their own special solutions to get your house sparkling clean (and green). One is straight water, one is a mixture of vinegar and water for glass and stainless steel and the third is a mixture of scented castile soap and water which serves as an all purpose cleaner. Keeping House knows there are many green cleaners on the market too and if you have preferences, they are flexible with what you like to work with.

If you are tightening the old wallet lately (thank you, markets) and feel the need to take on the green cleaning yourself, we found a few green friendly products that work well too. Mrs. Meyers Clean Day aromatherapeutic cleaners ‘work like the dickens’ on dirt and leave your home smelling fresh and invigorating. Mrs. Meyers offers a wide range of cleaners from shower spray to window wipes and pet spray. Our favourite is the all purpose cleaner in lemon verbena scent. It works and it smells lovely. Mrs Meyers products are available at a specialty retailer near you.

Also on our list of fave new eco friendly products is the Attitude line. Attitude’s claim to fame is that their products leave no trace on earth or its inhabitants. We even tested it out in the kids’ bathroom (where many a germ has been left by two stinky boys) and they were right. We used the Surface Cleaner Bathroom and there was no trace of anything left from the boys but a light scent of tea tree and grapefruit essential oils. That was a nice change. We like the packaging and design of these products but most of all we like the fact that they are stamped with the Certified EcoLogo, an Environment Canada Program. This full range of products is available at many drug stores and grocers. For a list of retailers, check here.

Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do. And if that means calling in the reinforcements, then so be it. Be clean, stay green.

Tested by Minnow H., Toronto


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