Ottawa: The Savvy Guide to July


We are basking in full-on summer anticipation right now. We’ve earned this summer! But maybe we’re a little out of practice. Maybe we actually need a guide to July in Ottawa?

School is out, the pools and parks are open, and we’re grateful once again for those long days that stretch on forever. It’s going to be nothing but picnics, beaches, days in the park, and (hopefully) family road trips. (And maybe even a stress-inducing day camp pick-up schedule, but let’s not talk about that.)

But, it won’t last forever. Here’s our Savvy Guide to July in Ottawa to help you make the most of it.

The Savvy Guide to July in Ottawa

Ottawa in July - SavvyMom

DO: Get Out & About

Why? It’s been another looonnngg pandemic Spring. Our cities are opening up. We know that Ottawa has an abundance of fun things to do and experience with kids (that’s why we live here!) and slowly, but surely, we can start to experience them again!

SavvyMom Canada Day Gathering


Why? It’s Canada Day. And when was the last time you threw a party anyway? There’s still time to prep an easy, last-minute Canada Day gathering for family and friends.

5 Things First-Time Hockey Moms Need to Know

ALSO DO: Register for Fall Sports & Activities

Why? Summer will be over as swiftly as it began and you don’t want to be caught scrambling when the school year starts. Sports leagues and other activities are still hoping for a usual start are registering now. Sign up today so you can enjoy the rest of the summer with the knowledge that everything is in place for the coming year.

Reputable camps will hold your spot (but also your money) if Covid-19 delays or cancels the upcoming season. Most will grant a full refund if requested. Best to determine that up front.

Best Sunscreen for Kids

GET: Sunscreen You Can Feel Good About

Why? A great summer includes lots and lots of outdoor time, so it’s important to protect our kids’ delicate skin against today’s sunburns and tomorrow’s risk of skin cancer. But it’s also hard to feel good about slathering our children in creams and lotions that contain chemicals. We consulted with the Canadian Dermatology Association for our list of Best Sunscreen for Kids and the Whole Family. And while you’re at it, don’t forget the summer hats for kids.

classic outdoor backyard games

PLAY: Classic Backyard Summer Games

Why? While our cities are starting to open up, not everyone is willing (or able) to fully engage with the outside world. And if we do get locked down again, we still need to enjoy our summer! Becoming well-versed or reacquainted with some classic backyard summer games means you can still have fun in the comfort and safety of your own backyard, with no pre-booking or inflated ticket prices to consider.

APPS: Best Educational (and Fun!) Apps for Kids

Why? MAAAYYYYBBBEEE you’re a little worried that your kids didn’t really grasp everything in their curriculum this year. And maybe you’d be into some supplementary learning that wouldn’t involve MORE online school. And it’s not as if your kid won’t touch a screen or the iPad for the next two months. So if your kids are going to be online, it might be nice if they learned something. Most teachers will tell you that some of our kids’ best learning happens when they don’t even know they’re doing it. So here’s a list (we checked it twice) of the best educational apps for kids.

Unique Salad Recipes - SavvyMom

EAT: Unique Salad Recipes for Any Time of Year

Why? Our collection of unique salad recipes is growing, and growing, and there’s a reason for that! The second winter fades away and summer arrives, we are all about salads. People ask, ‘what do you cook for your family during the warmer months?’ and my answer is always the same: Salad. Salad with fish, salad with chicken, salad with steak, salad with shrimp. Basically, salad with everything. And it easy to serve disassembled versions for families with picky eaters. These unique salad recipes are handy way to keep your summer salad dinners delicious and interesting.

Thank You Gifts for the Cottage - SavvyMom

SHOP: Thank You Gifts for the Cottage

Why? Got friends? Got friends with cottages? Get an invite? Want to get another invite? During our ever so brief Canadian summers, having a cottage is a wonderful getaway. The only thing better is having friends and family with cottages who invite you along to share in the fun. A thoughtful thank you gift for the cottage just might snag you a return visit.


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