Out of the Box


Running businesses, remembering emails…the list goes on. The life of your hard drive—it’s a big job for one little box.
Especially when it come to looking after all those family pictures—viewed quickly and then stored away in the data dungeon for nobody to see. It has made us sad for a long time until we found Smilebox.

Smilebox is a very cool service that allows you to create attractive personalized scrapbooks, slideshows, postcards and greeting cards using your very own photographs. Think the best of digital scrapbooking and on-line greeting cards all rolled into one, with your choice of photos, text, background music and background designs. A neat little package that can be sent to friends and family online (for about $2) with hundreds of designs to cover every photo opportunity—from new home to first steps to back to school.

The best part? It’s so darn easy to use, even the biggest digiphobe in your family can work it out. Another bonus? The recipients click on a link to view your creations so no more clogging up inboxes with photo attachments. (You know who you are!)


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